Träningslogg Mikael

Ursäkta språket, körde klipp och klistra från vår FB-sida.

The young fella (Anders) seams to spend most of his spare time at the gym. Here is an update of my training log since the decision on Oct 18:th to go for DAKAR.
October: 7 sessions/4h 17min 
Cardio 2h 9min
Strength 1h 12min
Enduro 1 h

November: 11 sessions/7h 33min 
Cardio 4h 30min
Strength 2h 3min
Enduro 1 h

December: 12 sessions/11h 11min 
Cardio 6h 15min
Strength 1h 39min
Enduro 3h 17min

January: 11 sessions/13h 56min 
Cardio 5h 14min
Strength 1h 32min
Enduro 7h 10min

From February the plan is to train 5 days per week with at least one day on the bike. When the days get longer I will increase to the bike riding. // Mikael